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Lovely hotel in Areopoli.

Terra di Pietra is a newly built tourist accommodation, based on the traditional architecture of Mani. It’s 500m away from Areopoli center and 3km from Limeni, on the Provincial Road Areopolis-Limeni-Kalamata. It includes a spacious parking lot in the yard. All rooms-suites are equipped with furniture of the highest quality and stand out for their privacy, cleanness and their unique layout. Each one has private access to either a balcony or the terrace. The surrounding area -around 5 acres- was developed with respect to the environment as a large amount of olive trees either were preserved or transplanted. The building itself used only stones that already existed in the landyard. During ancient times, the wider area where the hotel now stands is of great historical importance as it was used by Spartan warriors for battle preparation.
Terra di Pietra is 25km away from the picturesque town of Gytheio and the mythical island of Kranae, where according to Greek Mythology, Paris stole Helen of Troy, a gesture that commenced the War of Troy. The world famous Diros Caves are 11km away, Gerolimenas is 21km away and cape Tainaros, the southern end of European mainland is 31km away, where according to Greek Mythology the Gates of Ades stood.
The hotel is constructed in an “L” shape, with the north side oriented towards Limeni Bay and the traditional Oitylo, its east side towards the hill of Prophet Ilias, the west side towards Areopolis and its south side towards Messinian gulf.

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Only a 3 minute walk from the town center

Fitness center​

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Staff eager to assist you in anything you may need

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Locally sourced ingredients for the perfect way to start the day

Kids playground